About Us

About us

Primegate International Academy, Abuja, was established in 2014 with the maiden school located at Kubwa. It was borne with the sole intent of giving back to the society, harnessing talents, grooming children and preparing them for the 21st Century World stage with premium education. The school runs a three-system academic programme: early years, primary and secondary. The school is a proven academic heavy weight and citadel of learning with successive achievements they have amassed since its inception therein birthing another campus in Lokogoma in September 2022.

Here, teachers are trained in all pedagogical know-how to deliver superlative and valuable services by producing learners with great pedigree who can compete at global stage; perform at high level in gainful facets of life and deliver master-class both in internal and external examinations.

The school is morally oriented and introspective to inculcate good values in the learners. We are also seasoned in the use of modern technology which makes learning smart, interesting, productive and real rather than abstract. It is a common knowledge that learning has evolved and what distinguishes us from the rest is our capacity in hands on learning and adaptation of contemporary academic trends that suit our curriculum and vision. It is our clear and perpetual vision to always avail ourselves in helping children with downgrades and gaps to level up and become better. We also balance this by making the smart ones super genius!

At Primegate International Academy, we groom students to empathise, critique, protect, love, inspire, design, create and understand life concepts.


Our Curriculum

We run a blended curriculum of British-Nigerian in order to accommodate the peculiarities of different societies and explore global practices in teaching and learning. It is a well mapped and modern learning module that serves academic needs. It consists of a wide range of subjects such as arts, science, language and humanities. Our curriculum is well structured to meet the needs of all students; stretching the high flyers and supporting progressive learners through differentiated teaching and learning activities.


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